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Protection of the dune to the rear of the 12th tee

In the winter of 2019 storms destroyed our beach side fencing at Daymer Bay. A failure to understand how to protect the dune and assist in it’s recovery could have threatened the 11th green, the 12th tee and the SW Coast Path. The Management Committee sought expert advice on the most appropriate mitigation measures. Following a comprehensive study and having obtained the necessary consents new fencing was installed in the spring of 2020. The design of this aims to trap wind blown sand and to restore the face of the dune whilst simultaneously resisting winter storms. These storms can be severe and one such sadly destroyed the fence of our northerly neighbour with a loss of sand dune. This can be seen in the photo above. (Photo courtesy of our Member Jenny Justice) The pair of photos below compare the state of the dune in August 2022 with August 2023. The photos show stability at the foot of the dune and complete recovery from the winter storms. This seems to be a consistent pattern as the photos are similar to those taken in 2021. The marram is slowly spreading and there is new (this year) growth of what looks like sea buckthorn. This is good news as the roots will help bind the face and the foliage will trap wind-blown sand.