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Minutes of a Meeting of the Management Committee held on 26th October 2023

The Minutes of a meeting of the Management Committee held on 26th October may be found in the Members only Meeting Notes archive under the “Information” tab. On the main menu of the website click on “Members” then “Virtual Club House”, click on the “Information” tab, click on “Committee Minutes & other notices” and the Minutes may be found there.

Amongst other matters the Committee discussed

  • The Mens Locker Room refurbishment
  • The 2024 Club Budget
  • The purchase of new greens machinery

Management Committee Minutes of the 28th September 2023

The Minutes of a meeting of the Management Committee held on 28th September may be found in the Members only Meeting Notes archive under the “Information” tab. On the main menu of the website click on “Members” then “Virtual Club House”, click on the “Information” tab, click on “Committee Minutes & other notices” and the Minutes may be found there.

Amongst other matters the Committee discussed

  • The Mens Locker room refurbishment
  • The water course
  • Upgrade to the practice facilities
  • Re-instatement of ball washers
  • Staff recruitment

Protection of the dune to the rear of the 12th tee

In the winter of 2019 storms destroyed our beach side fencing at Daymer Bay. A failure to understand how to protect the dune and assist in it’s recovery could have threatened the 11th green, the 12th tee and the SW Coast Path. The Management Committee sought expert advice on the most appropriate mitigation measures. Following a comprehensive study and having obtained the necessary consents new fencing was installed in the spring of 2020. The design of this aims to trap wind blown sand and to restore the face of the dune whilst simultaneously resisting winter storms. These storms can be severe and one such sadly destroyed the fence of our northerly neighbour with a loss of sand dune. This can be seen in the photo above. (Photo courtesy of our Member Jenny Justice) The pair of photos below compare the state of the dune in August 2022 with August 2023. The photos show stability at the foot of the dune and complete recovery from the winter storms. This seems to be a consistent pattern as the photos are similar to those taken in 2021. The marram is slowly spreading and there is new (this year) growth of what looks like sea buckthorn. This is good news as the roots will help bind the face and the foliage will trap wind-blown sand.

Choughs return to St Enodoc

BBC Cornwall recently reported that Cornish Choughs have had a successful breeding season and were spreading further along the North Cornwall coastline. Our Member Simon Marquis, a member of the British Trust for Ornithology, spotted these Choughs (top photo) on the 16th fairway recently. Let us hope they feel welcome and stay around.

Management Committee Minutes of 27th July 2023

The Minutes of a meeting of the Management Committee held on 27th July 2023 may be found in the Members only Meeting Notes archive under the “Information” tab. On the main menu of the website click on “Members” then “Virtual Club House”, click on the “Information” tab, click on “Committee Minutes & other notices” and the Minutes may be found there. Decisions and updates taken on various matters including 2024 Green Fees, Visitor Experience, Kitchen Refurbishment and Strategy for Finance are minuted

Course Walks – Winter remodelling work – Church Course – Tuesday 8th & Monday 21st August- 17:30

The Chairman of the Greens Committee would like to invite you to a course walk on Tuesday 8th and/or 21st August to give you an opportunity to give you more information about the planned remodelling works to the Church Course in October.

The changes have been designed by Tom Doak and will  be implemented by Clyde Johnson (Cunning Design) and Chris Haspell (Chris Haspell Associates) who have worked with Tom on many of his projects. Clyde has worked for St Enodoc in the past completing the redesign of the 18th tee complex.

Further information may be found in an email sent to you by Phil Hine Chairman of the Greens Committee.

Management Committee Minutes of 29th June 2023

The Minutes of a meeting of the Management Committee held on 29th June 2023 may be found in the Members only Meeting Notes archive under the “Information” tab. On the main menu of the website click on “Members” then “Virtual Club House”, click on the “Information” tab, click on “Committee Minutes & other notices” and the Minutes may be found there.

George Tunbridge – new Deputy General Manager

Niblick was pleased to receive an email recently from the General Manager advising our Members of the appointment of a new Deputy General Manager; however, it was a little short on detail and Niblick being of an inquisitive nature decided to dig a little deeper and ask a few questions directly.
Niblick – George please tell us a little of your golfing background – GT – “I grew up playing golf in Essex and had aspirations of playing professionally. I reached a 3 Handicap when I was 16 and was then advised I would not be good enough to play professionally (they were correct!). I then completed my A Levels and went to Bournemouth University where I represented the University for four years and was coached by Scott Godfrey, who I understand played his amateur golf at St Enodoc.”  
Niblick –  And after University ? GT –“I left university to work in Abu Dhabi for a year at Saadiyat Beach Golf Club, and my golf suffered. I returned to England and started playing properly again in 2021.”
NibIick – And your golfing ambitions? – GT – “I currently have a HCP of +0.8 and try to play in as many Open Competitions as possible. My golfing aspiration currently is to try and get a World Amateur Golf Ranking. I have won three club championships at two different clubs. I had a once in a lifetime golfing achievement this year (03/06/2023) where I made a hole in one, albatross, on the 270-yard Par 4 18th (36th hole of the day) at Lyme Regis Golf Club in a Dorset County Golf Union competition. Thankfully the bill came in at under three figures!”
Niblick – What are you looking forward to in Cornwall ? GT – “I am looking forward mostly to try and improve my surfing. I would give myself a 36 HCP currently at surfing, but I am very enthusiastic about trying to improve! I know I will enjoy being in a more picturesque part of the world and being closer to the sea. I have a number of friends who live in Cornwall so it will be great to be able to visit them more frequently. One of my friends is Brandon Armitage, who is a member of St Enodoc. We played and lived together at University, so I am looking forward to trying to beat Brandon again!”
Niblick – And what do you think are the challenges that await you at St Enodoc ? GT – “Learning everyone’s name! I was told at my interview there were circa. 2000 members so it could take a while. I am really excited to be taking on a broader role at the Club. I have predominantly worked in the golf department at previous clubs, so it will be interesting to have more a varied role. I try to always take all challenges on with a positive attitude and hope to keep this in mind when starting my new role. 
A golf related challenge would be adjusting to the links conditions. I feel Heathland golf and Links golf share a lot of similarities, with the former having heather as the main penalty and the latter having long rough! I think it will take a while for me to get used to playing Links golf regularly but believe I will adjust with time!”
Niblick – What were your first impressions of the Club ? GT – “I was taken aback by the scenery. I was amazed by the size of Himalaya on the 6th hole of the Church Course. I did not know about the Church being submerged for a number of years either, I am a bit of a golf-nerd so niche stories like that really interest me. I really liked the Holywell Course. I am really passionate about growing the game and a slightly smaller course, with its own challenges, can be a great place for younger or novice golfers to start understanding the intricacies of the game. The Clubhouse is brilliant, especially the balcony. I have been lucky enough to have a spectacular view of the 1st hole of the Blue Course at The Berkshire for the past 3 years but I think the view down the 18th of the Church course may be better!”
Niblick – What do you think will be the principal difference between the Berkshire and St Enodoc ?  GT – “At The Berkshire both courses are treated equally and are therefore equally difficult. I think it will be nice to be at a Club with 36 holes where 18 are accessible to all and 18 are tailored towards the more accomplished golfer. I think the Summer Holidays will be incredibly busy at the Club whereas, The Berkshire is almost completely empty – I suspect I will find a few of The Berkshire members in Cornwall at that time!”

Church Course now ranked #82 in the world

The highly respected and authoritative US golf journal “Golf Digest” has just published it’s latest ranking list of courses outside of the US. We are delighted to have been ranked #82 in the world. This is an unbiased and independent ranking and one of which is a tribute to the continuing work of all of our Staff and Committees. Here’s what Golf Digest says about the Church course –

“This is St. Enodoc’s first appearance on this list since the inaugural World’s 100 Greatest Courses ranking in 2014, when it came in at No. 99. The layout, located in Cornwall in the extreme southwest corner of England, traverses some of the most ideal natural golf land in the UK, bumping through sand hills on the banks of the River Carmel estuary. The routing takes full advantage of the land, turning, twisting and crossing at it works out to far fields, having too much fun to be in any hurry home. One of the world’s most famous hazards is located here, the Himalaya bunker on the short, blind par 4 sixth, a massive crater carved into a dune that was once over 70-feet high, though less so now due to wind and erosion.”


Deputy General Managers Appointed

We are delighted to announce that George Tunbridge has accepted the role of Deputy General Manager (Operations) at the Club following our recruitment process over the last couple of months.

George will work alongside Nicki Reader who has been promoted from her current role of Accounts Manager to Deputy General Manager (Finance) This reflects the roles and responsibilities Nicki has in undertaking the administration and organisation duties of the Club and deputising when required.

Joining us from his current role of Golf Operations Manager at The Berkshire Golf Club,  George has recently been awarded a CMAE management diploma and has a Bachelor of Science in Sport Management degree from Bournemouth University. A three time club champion across two clubs as well as a current +1 handicap add to the knowledge and love of the game.

We are sure George will be made to feel very welcome by his colleagues and Members of the Club when he joins us on the 24th July.

Minutes of a Meeting of the Management Committee held on 30th May 2023

The Minutes of a meeting of the Management Committee held on 30th May 2023 may be found in the Members only Meeting Notes archive under the “Information” tab. On the main menu of the website click on “Members” then “Virtual Club House”, click on the “Information” tab, click on “Committee Minutes & other notices” and the Minutes may be found there.

Please ! No smoking on the courses.

During this period of drought please do not smoke on either course. Thank you.

Protection of the Courses & Wildlife

Both courses are now showing the effects of a the prolonged period without rain. During this dry period do, please, respect the green markings around the greens and keep trolleys and buggies away from the protected areas. Please also keep buggies and trolleys out of the rough. There are many ground nesting birds on the course and also a number of rare and protected plant species.

Management Committee Minutes

The Minutes of a Meeting of the Management Committee held on 24th April may be found in the Meeting Notes archive.

Our Team of talented Green Keepers

Back row L-R: Jamie Smith/Tom Crowe/ Steve Urelly/Jacob Franks/ Adam Dent/ Thomas Vercoe/ Neil Robinson

Front row L-R: Simon Smith/ Ross Ford/ Scott Gibson (Course Manager)/ Dennis Brown/ William Smith and Izzie the spaniel.

Who produces putting greens of velvet, fairways like carpet, repairs divots and gets rid of all the weeds ? Our Team of talented Green Keepers that’s who. Here they are resplendent in their latest St Enodoc tops featuring our updated logo. Give them wave, say hello next time you are on the course.

New Chairman, Club Captain & other Committee Members Elected

Club Management Committee 2023/24: l to r: Simon Greatorex, Mary Rayment (Trustee), Geoff Matthews, Ian Day, Simon Pain, Mike Roach, Caroline Hume-Kendall, Martin Gargan, Martin Trees, Steve Smith & Phil Hine.

At the recent Club AGM Members elected Martin Trees as new Chairman, Caroline Hume-Kendall as Club Captain, Mike Roach as Club Vice-Captain, Simon Pain as Treasurer, Phil Hine and Steve Smith as new Committee Members.

Martin Trees – “Having played regularly at St Enodoc since 1981 it has been my home club for the last seven years. In that time I have represented the club, the County Seniors and have my lowest ever handicap. After a career as a chief executive/chairman in several industries I do have a small number of continuing business and charity interests.  My other hobbies are Real Tennis and breeding pedigree Highland cattle.”

Caroline Hume-Kendall – Originally from Kent, Caroline has been a member of St Enodoc for most of her life. Her first golf lesson was with Nick Williams back in the 80s whom she continues to have lessons with! With a handicap of 3.1 she plays for Cornwall, is a regular in the St Enodoc teams and has an ambition to be Scratch. In 2022 she was our Ladies Captain.

Caroline and her husband, Rupert, live in Port Quin and have three children who live and work in London. Caroline began her career in PR but took a break to look after the family before training as a photographer and setting up a business specialising in School Team and Event photography. She now owns and manages a commercial property business with Rupert, based in Truro and is a qualified personal trainer. Her hobbies include walking, fitness, water-skiing, making hedgerow tipples and beekeeping.

Mike Roach – Club Vice-Captain

Simon Pain – Treasurer

Phil Hine

Martin Gargan – President

Simon Greatorex – General Manager

Steve Smith

Geoff Matthews

Ian Day

Minutes of a Meeting of the Management Committee.

The Minutes of a Meeting of the Management Committee held on 30th March 2023 may be found in the “Information” tab in the Virtual Club House

Club AGM Saturday 8th April 2023 in the Club House at 1730


The Annual General Meeting will take place this Saturday April 8th in the Club House at 1730.

Item 4 on the agenda is a resolution to adopt updated and revised Club Rules. Notice of the detailed changes have been well publicised and the text below has been previously circulated but is included here as an aide memoire in advance of the AGM.

In 2021 the Management Committee being concerned that the Rules of the Club, last revised in 2009, might need updating to ensure that current practice and legal requirements were incorporated, decided upon a review. This was duly carried out, however legal advice on the changes made was received too late to present proposals to the 2022 AGM.

However, a motion to repeal the current Rules and replace them will be put to the April 8th AGM and will require a two-thirds majority of those present and voting to pass.

There is nothing in these changes which reduce in anyway the rights of Members, nor do they give more authority to the Committees; indeed, the new Rule 39 diminishes the power of the Management Committee. Account has also been taken of the latest recommendations of England Golf relating to the governance of Members golf clubs.

The Rules have been reviewed by the National Golf Clubs Advisory Association who provide legal advice to golf clubs. They made a total of forty-eight recommendations the majority of which have been followed including all of those relating to current legal practice.

The principal changes are as follows: (Any rule numbers below correspond to the proposed new rules)

  • The rules are now gender neutral.
  • The categories of Membership have been clarified. (Rule 5)
  • The rights and obligations of Members in the various categories have been clarified.
  • Only those defined as “Full Members” may attend and vote at a General Meeting of the Club, propose or second an applicant for Membership, stand for election to any Committee, propose or second a candidate for election to any Committee. (Rule 6)
  • The old rule detailing the Club’s disciplinary process has been removed following legal advice and replaced with a policy document which does not form part of the Rules. (Rule 13)
  • The use of email and the Club website as communication tools are recognised at Rule 15 and elsewhere.
  • Payment of subscriptions by direct debit is permitted by Rule 22.
  • Rule 24 is new and permits the Club to raise money by means of a levy, subject to a resolution passed by two thirds of the Full Members at a General Meeting, so the Management Committee cannot raise a levy of its own accord. The Members therefore have protection against a levy being imposed without it being put to a General Meeting. This Rule has been introduced at the recommendation of our lawyers.
  • Rule 37 permits Committees to co-opt additional non-voting Members.
  • The reference in the current Rules relating to mental incapacity has, following legal advice, been updated at Rule 38.
  • Rule 38 deals with the situation where a Committee Member is deemed to be incapable of continuing in office by reason of illness.
  • Rule 39 removes from the Management Committee the right to nominate candidates for election to either Committee and sets out an alternative procedure.
  • Rule 42 is new and sets out the procedure for Members resolutions at an AGM.
  • The rules relating to the Ladies Committee, following legal advice, have been removed entirely.
  • Rule 49 is new and defines the Club’s limit of liability.
  • In the Bye-Laws the opportunity has been taken to update the Rules relating to dogs and mobile ‘phones.
  • A new Bye-Law confirms that the balcony is a No Smoking area.

Because of the detailed nature of the changes and their number Members will be asked to vote on the whole document rather than each individual change.

All the changes proposed have been approved by both the Management Committee and the Captain’s Committee. Work on the detail of the changes has been made by a small working group comprising Terri Gliddon (Captain’s Committee), Carole Waights (Ladies Captain), Mary Rayment (Trustee) and Ian Day (Management Committee) with additional support from Caroline Hume-Kendall (Club Captain elect), Tuck Clagett (Past General Manager) and Mike Roach (Club Vice-Captain elect).


Daymer Bay Storm Damage

Spring tides and gale force winds combine to cause havoc at Daymer Bay.

Friday night and Saturday morning of the 24th and 25th March 2023 saw the highest tides of the winter, these coupled with gale force 50 mph winds from the south combined to wreak havoc at Daymer. The swell and high tide ripped out over 120 metres of the fencing which was along the border of Daymer House and the beach; this is exactly next to our own sea defence line behind the 12th tee.

None of our own fencing was damaged and minimal damage was done to the toe of the dune. We will nonetheless be making some small improvements to our fencing in the next week to ensure it’s ongoing integrity and efficiency. With climate change more storms of this nature are certain.

Photograph courtesy of Will Smith Deputy Course Manager.

Management Committee Minutes of 23rd February 2023

The Minutes of a Meeting of the Management Committee held on 23rd February 2023 may be found in the Meeting Notes Archive.