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George Tunbridge – new Deputy General Manager

Niblick was pleased to receive an email recently from the General Manager advising our Members of the appointment of a new Deputy General Manager; however, it was a little short on detail and Niblick being of an inquisitive nature decided to dig a little deeper and ask a few questions directly.
Niblick – George please tell us a little of your golfing background – GT – “I grew up playing golf in Essex and had aspirations of playing professionally. I reached a 3 Handicap when I was 16 and was then advised I would not be good enough to play professionally (they were correct!). I then completed my A Levels and went to Bournemouth University where I represented the University for four years and was coached by Scott Godfrey, who I understand played his amateur golf at St Enodoc.”  
Niblick –  And after University ? GT –“I left university to work in Abu Dhabi for a year at Saadiyat Beach Golf Club, and my golf suffered. I returned to England and started playing properly again in 2021.”
NibIick – And your golfing ambitions? – GT – “I currently have a HCP of +0.8 and try to play in as many Open Competitions as possible. My golfing aspiration currently is to try and get a World Amateur Golf Ranking. I have won three club championships at two different clubs. I had a once in a lifetime golfing achievement this year (03/06/2023) where I made a hole in one, albatross, on the 270-yard Par 4 18th (36th hole of the day) at Lyme Regis Golf Club in a Dorset County Golf Union competition. Thankfully the bill came in at under three figures!”
Niblick – What are you looking forward to in Cornwall ? GT – “I am looking forward mostly to try and improve my surfing. I would give myself a 36 HCP currently at surfing, but I am very enthusiastic about trying to improve! I know I will enjoy being in a more picturesque part of the world and being closer to the sea. I have a number of friends who live in Cornwall so it will be great to be able to visit them more frequently. One of my friends is Brandon Armitage, who is a member of St Enodoc. We played and lived together at University, so I am looking forward to trying to beat Brandon again!”
Niblick – And what do you think are the challenges that await you at St Enodoc ? GT – “Learning everyone’s name! I was told at my interview there were circa. 2000 members so it could take a while. I am really excited to be taking on a broader role at the Club. I have predominantly worked in the golf department at previous clubs, so it will be interesting to have more a varied role. I try to always take all challenges on with a positive attitude and hope to keep this in mind when starting my new role. 
A golf related challenge would be adjusting to the links conditions. I feel Heathland golf and Links golf share a lot of similarities, with the former having heather as the main penalty and the latter having long rough! I think it will take a while for me to get used to playing Links golf regularly but believe I will adjust with time!”
Niblick – What were your first impressions of the Club ? GT – “I was taken aback by the scenery. I was amazed by the size of Himalaya on the 6th hole of the Church Course. I did not know about the Church being submerged for a number of years either, I am a bit of a golf-nerd so niche stories like that really interest me. I really liked the Holywell Course. I am really passionate about growing the game and a slightly smaller course, with its own challenges, can be a great place for younger or novice golfers to start understanding the intricacies of the game. The Clubhouse is brilliant, especially the balcony. I have been lucky enough to have a spectacular view of the 1st hole of the Blue Course at The Berkshire for the past 3 years but I think the view down the 18th of the Church course may be better!”
Niblick – What do you think will be the principal difference between the Berkshire and St Enodoc ?  GT – “At The Berkshire both courses are treated equally and are therefore equally difficult. I think it will be nice to be at a Club with 36 holes where 18 are accessible to all and 18 are tailored towards the more accomplished golfer. I think the Summer Holidays will be incredibly busy at the Club whereas, The Berkshire is almost completely empty – I suspect I will find a few of The Berkshire members in Cornwall at that time!”