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Godfrey Scratch Cup and Godfrey Cup (nett)

Well done to these “hardy” nine Juniors for completing all 18 holes. Not only battling against each
other in a medal cup competition, but the howling wind, torrential rain, sunshine and then a
hailstorm as they were all on the last few holes!

Some great scoring from Junior Captain Liam Bateman, who wins the Godfrey Scratch Cup with an 86
gross (76 nett). Also, congratulations on becoming a single figure handicap 9.9.

And Tom Richards winning the Godfrey Cup with a 72 nett (100gross).

Super proud of you all. It was mighty tough including the putting where a lot of the extra shots came

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Liam Bateman, Daisy Lane, Henry Rutherford

Quinn Bateman, Jack Jolliff, Oban Robinson

Tom Richards, Alfie Chapman, Caspar Collins