St. Enodoc Golf Club - Williams Cup Round 9

Williams Cup Round 9

The Williams Cup has been running all year, this year. A 4 Ball Better Ball competition with individual series points awarded to each player. It is a 10 round series with the penultimate round played on Saturday. There was a good turn out in the cold and rain with 30 pairs playing.

Kevin Brenton and Nigel Buse paired up to win scoring 39 points, both partners pulled their weight with a couple of birdies each helping them win. Neither Kevin nor Nigel have entered the series though, so the 20 series points go to those behind them with 38 points.

2nd, 3rd and 4th place all scored 38 points, so get 20 series points each. Paul Clemens’ and Stuart Fleet’s partnership came out top on countback to take 2nd place, with Andrew Carthew and Terry Carthew in 3rd and Neil Bradley and Greg Mather in 4th place.

At the top of the series table with just one round to play, James Hutchings and Greg Mather both have 93 points and Andy Bunt and Dennis Brown have 91 points each. Partners need to be selected carefully for the next round which is to be played on 24th November. CLICK HERE for full series table.