St. Enodoc Golf Club - Website Personnel

2015 will see the 10th anniversary of the St Enodoc website which averaged over 400 visits every day in 2014 in addition now to over 1,500 followers of the St Enodoc Twitter account. To ensure that this momentum is maintained we have decided to divide up the editorial work. The website covers two totally different roles, firstly as one of the major marketing tools of the Club it encourages people to come and play our wonderful courses with all the information online that they may require including now actual booking. Secondly it has become the major source of information and news, on a daily basis, for Members.

I will be concentrating more on the overall design of the website, its day to day operation and it\'s face to the outside World as well as the hour by hour updating of Twitter. Ian, on the other hand, will be focusing more on the Members pages so in practice will be the News Editor and to whom all items of interest should be addressed at . With two other staff reporters Annie Cruse and latest recruit Stuart Morley (whose excellent photos now adorn the site) along with at least another five regular contributors we try to gather information from all corners of the Club and present it as quickly as possible in a light hearted manner for your enjoyment. Hopefully focusing our attention as outlined above will allow us to do this even better.