St. Enodoc Golf Club - Weather Station and Weather Forecast

Hopefully after we receive some replacement parts, which are due any time now, the weather station will start to transmit again; apologies to all those of you who rely on it. There is better news on the forecast side as we have been able, by dint of some quite hard work, to re-establish the excellent BBC hour-by-hour forecast which gives details of all the relevent conditions;- sunshine, rain, wind direction and wind speed. We looked at various others possible websites to use and concluded that it was by far the best, most comprehensive and easiest to read. There is a slight glitch in there if you look hard for it; I await someone to tell me what it is, even if there is no prize!

With live weather from an ideal location by the Church course 2nd green, an hourly forecast and the rain radar we provide a truly comprehensive amount of information which is used not only by golfers but by many other locals especially the Members of the Rock Sailing & Water Ski Club!