St. Enodoc Golf Club - Seniors play Perranporth during a heat wave.

Seniors play Perranporth during a heat wave.

Friday 29th June

There had been some uncertainty about the two clubs raising a full complement of players for this return match. However, after some late phone calls both clubs had a complete team sheet.

The course was gleaming in the reflected light from a blazing sun. The grass on the fairways was bleached from the sustained temperatures. We were possibly comforted by the notion that some of the rough had burned back and that it was easier to find wayward golf balls.

There was the rather disturbing image of our Seniors smothering themselves in sun cream, very much like Turkish wrestlers before a fight. The matches were remarkably close with the first four games being decided by one hole. There was one match where this not the case. We had to watch some “youngsters” zooming about in buggies but still taking 5 hours to play the course and complaining that they had lost dozens of balls. This meant that two of stalwart players were denied access to a buggy. Given their combined age they did exceptionally well to complete the course under such withering circumstances.

Mike Lovett was delighted with his play going around in a gross 74, ably assisted by his partner Nigel Olesen.

Captain of the Day thanked Kevin Burton for standing in at the last minute, and The Piranos for their hospitality. The match was drawn 4 points to 4 points. Given that we had won the home match 6.5 to 1.5 the overall result was 10.5 to 5.5.

Nigel Thomas and Graham Keeble lost 1 down

Kevin Birkett and Geoff Mathews won 1 up

Mike Lovett and Nigel Olesen won 1 up

Steve Smith and Roger Priestley won 1 up

Stuart Sandercock and Kevin Burton lost 2 and 1

Neal Jolley and Richard Parsons lost 2 and 1

Mike Maberly and Keith Willmott lost 8 and 6

Richard Norsworthy and Andy Farrant won

Kevin won nearest the pin on 18th in two shots