St. Enodoc Golf Club - Volunteering for the English Women's Amateur Championship July 15th-17th

Volunteering for the English Women's Amateur Championship July 15th-17th

At the time of writing, with 6 days to the closing date for entries,  we are up to an excellent 95 competitors already.   Last year there were 74 which we understand was about normal for this prestigious championship. As Members we are all very proud of St Enodoc and particularly the strides which we have made in recent years in improvements to both the courses and now the Clubhouse. We want the players, however well they do, to leave Rock thinking what a great venue, how welcome we were made to feel and how well they looked after us whilst there. 

The competition itself will be run by England Golf but the success of it will be as much down to the Club in providing hosting, both within the Clubhouse and out on the course. Playing at this time of year the rough will be difficult and play will be slowed down finding errant shots hence the huge importance of volunteer ball spotters to keep play moving.  We are also providing starters and an on course scoreboard; on the last day Thursday 17th July we will also have walking scoreboard carriers.

The sign up boards for volunteers are now in the bar and it clearly shows that the time required is both flexible and may even only be a couple of hours which hopefully means that it really isn't a huge committment for any one person.  So please sign up, it is a wonderful way to watch top quality golf at close quarters; the  more volunteers the better bearing in mind that a successful event will greatly enhance the reputation of St Enodoc which in the longer term is of great benefit to each and every Member.