St. Enodoc Golf Club - Viscountess Clifden

Viscountess Clifden

The Mixed Foursomes Stableford Viscountess Clifden trophy which consists of a cigarette box and glass perfume bottle were first played for in 1906 and were subsequently “mislaid” for many years, it is now always played over the August Bank Holiday weekend which this year was blessed with sunshine but a very tricky and quite strong wind which was bound to affect the scoring. 29 pairs played in what is the hardest format to score well in which was significantly up on 21 the year before and as expected the scores reflected the conditions except for the winners Penny and Marc Knight who had an outstanding 36 points to win by 6 which was really quite something. All those who took home prizes were:-

1st Mark & Penny Knight 36 pts
2nd Bob & Annie Cruse 30 pts
3rd Keith Hawke & Celia Jarvis 30 pts
4th Paddy & Barbara Graham 30 pts
5th Charles & Mary Rayment 29pts

Interestingly all those in the prizes were husband and wife except Keith Hawke and Celia Jarvis. Keith admitted he had never played in a Mixed Foursomes event before so brought along his Cousin Celia to hold his hand and it certainly proved successful for them!