St. Enodoc Golf Club - Tom Watson Wedge

Saturday the 19th of July brought us the Tom Watson Wedge competition. A popular player, a popular event.

How the format was ever concocted, nobody really knows, but it has become an interesting team test that the men do enjoy. This is a four-man team event with 2 scores to count on the front nine and three scores on the back. The twist is that there is a choice of tees – Yellow or Blue – with a bonus point for gross par or better from the Blue and similarly a bonus for birdie or better from the Yellow. The gamble factor is; no par from the Blues, no points.

So, after scratching their heads and digesting the rules, the players set forth on a very pleasant day. Par for the day would have been 90 points, so the winning score of 113 was very impressive indeed. The team of Chris Tickner, Nigel Meadows, John Carhart and Greg Mather won top honours and collectively must have played extremely well. In second place was Josh Greenaway, Richard Matheron, Russell Combellack and Tuck Clagett with 111 points and third place was taken by Sean Beare, Andy Griffiths, Danny Hoare and Keith Searle with 108 points.

Tom Watson’s 68 on the final day of The Open compared favourably with those of the winners of his namesake competition. He would have been proud.