St. Enodoc Golf Club - The Webmaster retires

The Webmaster retires

The driving force, the creator, visionary and super-nova force field that is Simon Pain - the Club's webmaster for the past twelve years - is stepping down. His personal statement of retirement is below.

Typically he understates his achievements and which may not, even now, be fully appreciated by many. It is not an exaggeration to say that through the communication tools - the website, Twitter and Facebook - which Simon has introduced St Enodoc has become very much better known than was previously the case. These tools have spearheaded the Club's marketing and enabled our course to become talked about both in the UK and abroad. How else would have an American golf magazine - "Golf Digest" have learned of the Club and which eventually led to St Enodoc being listed in the Top 100 in the world ? Every day for twelve years Simon has baby sat the Club's website, and the thousands of hours voluntarily given would have cost the Club - well a lot if the job had been outsourced. This dedication led, in March 2017, to recognition by "Golf Monthly" that our use of social media was in the top 5 of all UK golf clubs - of which there must be thousands.

The picture caption says "Webmaster Extraordinaire". The short dictionary defintion of extraordinaire is "outstanding in a particular capacity". Simon has been exactly that and the Club owes him an enormous debt of gratitude for all his time and very successful efforts - Thank you !

I have finally decided that after more than 12 years at the helm of the St Enodoc website that the time is right for me to finally hang up my mouse. When in 2005 I offered to build the Club its first website with John Holman of Tanist I was clear in my mind that once up and running I would hand it back to the Club to run. As Tuck Clagett rather dryly observed recently “You achieved the first bit and totally failed on the second!”

Over the years many additions have been bolted on like the hourly weather forecast, the rain radar, the course flyover and the webcam. In 2011 “Son of Website” was launched thanks to the work from Tanist’s Chris Crocker-White and input from Ian Day who has done such sterling work as News Editor. My final contribution to the website is the new moving webcam, soon to come online, which shows the course from the 16th green and estuary right round past the first green to the clubhouse in the distance. Not without some pride I have yet to find another golf club website that is so comprehensive which is possibly why at the busiest of times it is viewed by over 600 people a day.

There are two exciting developments on the horizon with the updated fly over of the course and also most importantly the design of version 3 “Grandson of Website”. Sadly I feel I have finally run out of steam particularly with the huge increase in workload over the last 3 years with our three Social Media platforms Instagram, Facebook and Twitter where we now have nearly 4,500 followers. I therefore wish to hand on the role and wish whoever well and at the same time thanking all those who have helped, supported and provided material for us particualrly for my very close associate Niblick!

Simon Pain