St. Enodoc Golf Club - The strange case of the runaway car


Niblick hears of a fine old kerfuffle today in the Club car park. It seems that a well known member of the Seniors, arriving to play in the Thursday Farmers, noticed on alighting from his Jaguar sports that a rather newer vehicle sans conducteur was on the move backwards. Two other Farmer stalwarts, the short hirsute owner of the robot golf club trolley and the Welsh artist (have I told you about my new house ?), arrived almost immediately after and set about restraining the rogue vehicle. The offending vehicle was moving backwards in a stop start fashion possibly aquaplaning on the many puddles. In the meantime the tall Jaguar driver legged it into the Club House to seek the owner of the runaway vehicle and which by now was fast approaching the car park approach road en route to the beach. Announcing to the assembled throng that a dangerous Toyota Rav4 had escaped and was loose in the car park he then proceeded to order breakfast - with extra butter - and left his colleagues to continue the battle. The owner of the offending vehicle turned out to be none other than the well known International Rally driver and Management Committee member. It seems that he failed to either put the handbrake on or engage a forward gear, but now saved the day by remotely opening the car doors enabling R2D2\'s owner to bravely jump in and engage the handbrake. Niblick understands that our two heroes are considering a claim for salvage from the Admiralty Marshall on the grounds that the Rav4 may well have sunk the Padstow Ferry if left to it\'s own devices.