St. Enodoc Golf Club - The Seniors finish with honours even

On Monday, 09 May the Seniors gathered at the Club to entertain the Perranporth Piranos with an air of anxiety over the rather gloomy weather forecast. Much rain was due to fall over the Southwest and our experienced and robust heroes were filling their golf bags with a variety of waterproof gear. Some were resplendent in fashions which might have been more appropriate on the decks of a fishing trawler in the North Atlantic.
Perranporth’s Captain had said that he had recruited a strong team for this match and so it proved to be. With three of his team boasting single figure handicaps the Old Saints were in for a challenging day. As it turned out, only a light rain fell and the matches were played in the usual good spirits. After a promising start, results seemed to threaten a rout but our strength in depth was decisive, culminating in a halved match 4 matches each.

There was comprehensive praise for the condition of the course with especial emphasis on the quality of the greens.

  • Nigel Thomas & Colin Earle won 5 & 4
  • Richard Parsons & Paul Godfrey won 4 & 3
  • Steve Smith & John Retford lost 2 & 1
  • Kevin Birkett & Stuart Sandercock lost 4 & 3
  • Frank Harper& Ken Metcalfe lost 6 & 4
  • Mike Maberly & Garry Cooper lost 5 & 3
  • Mike Lovett & Bill Gowans won 4 & 2
  • Jim Crouch & Bill Hughes won 6 & 5

NTP: Bill Hughes.