St. Enodoc Golf Club - The Seniors entertain Bowood Park

Some things in life become more obvious when they are missing, hence the phrase ‘conspicuous by its absence.’ This was very true on Friday, 11 March for the Seniors’ first home match of the season when the visitors were close neighbours, Bowood Park. There was something very unusual – that ever-present guardian of the links was missing. The eye-watering, often relentless wind whose effects for many strugglers served to conceal tears of frustration was absent. In its place came the sibilant caress of a whispering spring breeze that allowed the grunts, expletives, cries of triumph, or sharing of close confidences, to echo across the fairways. It is unlikely that the Church course could ever be described as benign, but apart from the narrow fairways, punishing rough, tiring sand hills and much envied slick greens, the old lady was as receptive and as warm in her embrace as could ever be expected.

After six matches, the Old Saints were leading by 4 – 2 and victory was in prospect, but the visitors prevailed to pull back to 4 – 4 and the match was drawn.

  • Harry Gliddon & Nigel Thomas lost 3 & 2
  • David Elliott & Stuart Sandercock won 1 up
  • Paul Godfrey & John Bower won 2 up
  • Keith Hawke & Colin Earle won 4 & 2
  • Jim Crouch & Dick Leivers lost 1 down
  • Des Kelly & John Harbinson won 4 & 3
  • Mike Maberly & Garry Cooper lost 2 down
  • Richard Parsons & Ken Metcalfe lost 4 & 3

NTP: Paul Godfrey

Old Hickory’s Trivia: Any swing drill or shot-making tip you just could not get the hang of during an hour long lesson will immediately be mastered by the first player to whom you describe it !