St. Enodoc Golf Club - The Seniors and Kipling

There are few certainties in life, but be assured that the Old Saints try and try again; regularly practise swings in front of the mirror and before dozing off read the crafted words of some master on the subjects of driving, fading, drawing and putting, all in the cause of their game. Yet on the links much of the time, too often they are retrieving lost balls or replacing Cornwall.

But not all of them all the time. Although familiar with the immortal phrases of Mr Kipling (the poet, not the cake man !) about Triumph and Disaster when applied to our game, in their last two fixtures they have experienced both. In their match against China Fleet at home on Friday, 29 May, they sipped and savoured sweet triumph by winning 7½ - ½. Yet only ten days before, they had to drink deeply from the other bitter cup when losing at Perranporth by the same margin!

Consistency and explanations are elusive, so perhaps it is simpler to lay responsibility with that fickle mistress, the mystic Golf Goddess who maintains such a hold over the old boys and seduces them in their dreams with promises that tomorrow they will regard par as a mere trifle!

Paul Godfrey & David Elliott won 2 up
Derek Rushton & Tony Mindel won 4 & 2
Keith Hawke & Bill Comyn won 5 & 4
Kevin Birkett & Garry Cooper won 2 & 1
Mike Maberly & John Harbinson won 1 up
Nigel Thomas & Colin Earle halved
Stuart Sandercock & Geoff Matthews won 4 & 3
Ken Metcalfe & Jim Crouch won 2 & 1

NTP: Jim Crouch