St. Enodoc Golf Club - The Senior Golfers' Society Matches

The Senior Golfers' Society Matches

This year’s Seniors Foursomes match against the Senior Golfers' Society was played on Thursday 8th May, beginning when the on-course weather was  at its most uninviting, although conditions did improve during the morning.  Most pairs played twelve holes, a couple opting for just nine, but one group nobly played all eighteen.  The overall match result depended on the last pairs home which turned out to be a win for St. Enodoc giving a final score of 5 - 3 in favour of the ‘Old Saints’ (a recently acquired nickname for the Seniors).  Although the weather was poor, the general view was that the course was in very good condition with special mention for the greens, albeit somewhat slower than usual because of the heavy rainfall.  

In the evening The Senior Golfers' Society generously hosted a dinner in the Clubhouse, as they do each year, also attended by a number of St. Enodoc members and their wives.  It was a very cheerful and friendly gathering with good food and good company enlivened by two admirably short, entertaining speeches.  Firstly, the Club Captain, Tony Rounsevell, welcomed the Senior Golfers' Society, whose fixture with the Club dates back to 1946, and he ended with a witty ditty composed specially for the occasion by his wife.  He was followed by Douglas Mack, the Senior Golfers' Society Captain, who amused all with a number of light-hearted comments, most notably referring to the recent recognition of the Cornish by the European Union as an ‘endangered species’.

Day 2 of this "golfathon" was the match against the Club which thankfully was held in much better conditions but with a good 2 plus club wind and only one very brief shower. The golf again was keenly fought with the Club triumphing 5 1/2 - 2 1/2. There was one very large 8 & 7 win for Rex Molloy & Barry Burton for the Club against Martin Bailey & Laurence Clegg who could not claim that it was as result of home advantage as they are both St Enodoc members! Rather diplomatically the one halved match was between the two match captains Tony Rounsevell with Charles Rayment and Humphrey Claxton with Francis Elton.

As each year goes by with this match the proportion of the Senior Golfers' Society team who are also St Enodoc Members seems to increase and this year 8 of the 16 were in that category and it is strongly rumoured that at least one more is about to apply for membership. With over 900 members throughout Great Britain it is one of the most prestigious and active golf societies in the World.  They hold regular meetings and matches throughout the year at all of the top courses and they also have an annual overseas tour to as far away as South America and Australia. With their high standard of golf and generosity to our Junior section they are always welcome and in return St Enodoc's reputation travels with them.