St. Enodoc Golf Club - The Rugby World Cup gets the better of St Enodoc

The Rugby World Cup gets the better of St Enodoc

Rugby used to be the game of gentlemen but it has now degenerated both on and off the field into the sort of behaviour more usually associated with the “beautiful game”. The Rugby World Cup has brought it all into focus and even within the hallowed portals of St Enodoc Golf Club tribal loyalties have rather unpleasantly reared their ugly heads amongst the Members.

Just like the antics of the infamous Cardiff City (capital of Wales) football supporters certain elements in our Membership have been taunting each other and the abject failure of England against the Welsh brought matters finally to a head. A five pound wager for the Captain's Charity had been placed on the outcome of the ethnic grudge match between Mike Samuel (Welshman) and Ian Day (Englishman) – a magnificent player of the oblong ball game in his youth many many years ago. The match may have been a few weeks back but the absence of Mike lurking just over the border in the Principality has prevented payment. Enter Kenton (as Welsh as they come) Williams milking the situation to the last who stage managed the hand-over in front of the largest possible audience prior to the Thursday Farmers.

All is now recorded here for posterity and with only a day to go before the final, hopefully, soon we will be able to put ethnic differences behind us and we can again concentrate on proper Football with Plymouth Argyle 4 points clear at the top of League 2 – “Come on you Greens!”