St. Enodoc Golf Club - The Prime Minister lends support to the Seniors !

Having checked his Club diary, David Cameron realized that the Seniors’ match against Saunton on 26 August was one he did not wish to miss and so he duly appeared, complete with close protection. Although on this occasion, his judgment was sound, much to his chagrin, his timing was less so as he arrived only after the old boys had defeated their visitors by 5½ - 2½.
One of the Saunton players, when returning his clubs to his car, was calling home to his wife, who not unusually, complained that he was not listening to her. Her tone quickly changed when she was told that he was standing next to David Cameron. ‘Take a selfie !’ she insisted ! As one does, the courteous visitor enquired of said PM if he ‘Plays here often?’ Apparently, the PM had established a close relationship (!) with our pro after once in the past, asking to borrow some clubs from Nick. His cunning plan on Wednesday, was to try to burn up the Holywell as he is due to play Obama in Hawaii next week and needed the practice if our golfing supremacy over the Yanks was to be maintained. It is humbling and reassuring to know that St Enodoc is playing its part in promoting healthy international relationships and cultivating that special friendship between our two great nations ! Old Hickory is still seeking to establish the veracity of a rumour that one of the Old Saints asked DC if he was a member or was paying a green fee and if it was the latter, was the Church too expensive !

As for the match itself, challenged by an ever strengthening wind, which resulted in no visitor hitting the NTP green, the hosts managed a comfortable win, but sadly, in coming second on the aggregate score, had to relinquish the Mounted Bugle trophy for which the clubs compete annually.

  • Richard Parsons & Keith Willmott halved
  • Geoff Matthews & Geoff Steer lost 6 & 5
  • Bill Comyn & John Harbinson lost 3 & 1
  • Steve Smith & Paddy Graham won 1 up
  • Kevin Birkett & Tony Mindel won 3 & 2
  • Nigel Thomas & Ken Metcalfe won 3 & 1
  • Derek Rushton & Mike Kent won 5 & 4
  • David Balmford & Martin Bailey won 5 & 4

NTP: Derek Rushton

Old Hickory’s Trivia: All of the basic movements of a perfectly executed pivot can be easily duplicated by using a forceful turning motion of the body to toss a bag full of clubs into a deep pond.