St. Enodoc Golf Club - The James Braid Cleek

This Saturday was The James Braid Cleek, played as a Greensome Competition off the White Tees.  The ‘Cleek’ is a club donated to St Enodoc Golf Club by the James Braid Society  in 2009.

I have just checked the men’s room and I can inform you that there is nobody there - still trying to work out their combined handicap! 

76 players successfully worked their handicaps out from the conversion table supplied and all cards were correct, not even a stray stableford score!   Of course you do have to remember to actually enter the competiton once you have fought with the conversion table, 75 players managed to complete the whole process!

Partner choice was vital, with both players driving and then taking alternate shots from there.  A big advantage to partner someone with a long drive and some players found themselves in territories they hardly ever see! 

Heading the field this week and winning the Cleek, were Ken Perring and Kevin Parker on 40 points.   Following them, another good partnership: Dave Flew and Richard Lawrence on 39 points.  In 3rd place; John Paul and Mike Buse had 38 points.  In 4th, 5th  and 6th place, all with 37 points were Dave Pooley and Martin Wilson, Neil Carhart and Ripke Deboer, and Matt Warr and Richard Blake.