St. Enodoc Golf Club - The End of an Era (part 2)

The End of an Era (part 2)

As anticipated in our note here last week today was the end of an era, namely the retirement of the Farmers Weekly (FW) organisers John Walker and Eric Symons and who have been in office since 1999. The Club Captain marked the occasion with a speech of appreciation and a presentation to the two popular veterans.

Thanks to their adherence to custom and routine under their care the FW has prospered and grown ever more popular with a reputation beyond the confines of the Club. John is known for his great care in checking score cards and it has been known for the odd disqualification to occur; it is said but your scribe cannot confirm that Frank Harper was once disqualified for signing an illegible card! Eric is known as the master statistician and regales the assembled FW Christmas Dinner with fascinating facts and figures. His friendly greeting of “who are you and what's your handicap” will be missed.

In the beginning, which is to say Springtime 1972, four local farmers started to play together regularly every Thursday on the Church Course. It is said, but disputed, that they were Harvey Knight, Charlie Record, Billy Tremain and George Menhennit. It is likely that there were also others including a group which used to play regularly on the Holywell course during this period. In time they were joined by other Members and thus the tradition (perhaps now an institution) of the Farmers Weekly Thursday roll-up started. From the beginning the event was carefully managed by Harvey Knight and thus when he slowed down and become a less frequent participant a successor was sought. As it happened the successor turned out to be a double act and so in about 1999 John Walker and Eric Symons took over the organisation.

The original entry fee for playing in the FW was one new wrapped golf ball however this practice was apparently abused by some and who would insert an old ball into new wrapping. To stop this practice the entry fee was changed to £1 and at some point changed to the current cost of £2. At some point too Members were permitted to bring a guest to FW. Unlikely as it may seem it is claimed that the original participants were fond of the odd alcoholic beverage and would play spoof for the cost of a round of drinks. Social activities were said to go on until past bedtime. The Ladies were not forgotten and there was an annual FW Ladies night.

A little like the British Constitution the custom and practices of the FW whilst well known are unwritten and changed very little over time. Thus what follows may be only written record of the standard rules followed by all each Thursday and is for the benefit of some future St Enodoc historian. The list is not intended to be exhaustive and there may be omissions

  • Max handicap 18

  • Individual stableford

  • Those who win £7 or more are cut two shots for two rounds (the two rounds may be years apart but the penalty is always valid)

  • There are no “gimmes”

  • The draw is always at either 1045 or 1145 on the dot and latecomers are not accommodated

  • Side bets/competitions at the participants discretion

  • It is considered courteous to be present at the prize giving

How/who to follow John and Eric? Well apparently Kenton Williams is going to be involved so expect vases of daffodils in the bar every Thursday and the mandatory wearing of leeks as a buttonhole. Not to mention compulsory renditions of “Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau” and “Bread of Heaven” before the prizegiving. Pob lwc Kenton !

Farmers Weekly golfers before the draw today Thursday 28th August 2015