St. Enodoc Golf Club - Strange sightings in the sky over St Enodoc

So was it a UFO that frightened the Teaching Professional going about his lawful business of collecting the balls on the range or was it something out of Star Wars? Well neither, as it was a radio controlled helicopter with a camera slung slung between its spider like legs which sounds like a swarm of angry bees in flight. So what was it doing flying over the course? Hopefully producing a rather different type of course fly-over for use on the website and YouTube.

The machine looks like a cross between a crab and Edward Scissorhands and as you can see from the picture Dave on the left has a radio controller which flies the helicopter and Jamie on the right a second one which manoevres the camera whilst watching the live pictures on a monitor. There is constant communication between the two of them as the machine, which starts filming almost at ground level, is guided along the fairway towards the hole filming all the way.

As you can see also in the picture along with the flying bedstead is our very own Paul Godfrey who directed operations on the Club\'s behalf as he has a wealth of experience in the world of film and television camera work and strangely also of flying radio controlled helicopters which obviously was before he found salvation in golf.

We have been waiting for a break in the weather for some considrable time to start filming and even then it took two days to complete the flights when the fog came in! We are all looking forward to seeing the end results after a considerable amount of selecting of the best takes has taken place followed by a fair amount of necessary editing.