St. Enodoc Golf Club - Strange Electronic Devices

Sinister signs of an electronic nature have aroused Niblick\'s suspicions so in the interests of the Members he felt obliged to find out. After extensive enquiries he is of the opinion that it is all part of the new U.S. Star Wars project now that their involvement at RAF St Mawgan has been reduced.

Around the clubhouse are tell tale signs of new listening devices probing around the globe and also deep into space. The picture shows one pair on the clubhouse chimney and there are others noticeable particularly on the trolley shed. It is rumoured that beneath said shed has been secretly constructed a tunnel linking it with the “safe house” through which military men can take up their watch duties in the shed at night.


A new nerve centre is being constructed on the roof of a “safe house” in the Rock Road (pictured above); note the decoy owl on the scaffolding which is hiding the laser gun which will be able to destroy a satellite above the earth. So why is St Enodoc the cover for these activities? The house is owned by one of St Enodoc\'s most senior and respected Members – a past Captain indeed who through his business career had many connections with the defence industries both here and in America. A senior employee of the Club is also a good citizen and former Federal Tax payer of the country involved. No further explanation is required and we can feel proud that as a club we are lucky to have such contacts that allow us to play our part in the defence of the civilised world.