St. Enodoc Golf Club - Steve Chapman to play Joe Cruse

Steve Chapman to play Joe Cruse

The luck of the draw ! Joe Cruse and Steve Chapman both having played twice and won twice in the KO stages of the CGU Mens Championship today must now play each other tomorrow. Here's what our man at Newquay GC had to say about the days events -

Niblick’s reporter just back! Another good day, Steve and Joe both through 2 rounds today and meet tomorrow in last eight for a place in the semi-finals. Joe beat George Leigh, the 14 year old, in the morning ! He felt really old ! This pm was 6 up after 8 and relaxed a bit to win 4/3. Steve had closer games and came back from 2 down  after 9 this pm  to win 3 and 1. Conditions easier today but bit of rain midday and less wind. Rob McGregor is the form man at the top of their half of the draw and the likely opponent for the winner of their match tomorrow pm, supporters needed! Although we will lose one of our two tomorrow we are guaranteed a place in the semi-final.