St. Enodoc Golf Club - Stableford Bisque Competition

Last Saturday, 14th March, the Mens Competition was a Stableford Bisque.  72 members pitted their witts to come up with the winning format in the crisp cold easterly wind.  

In a Bisque, each player can choose where they want to use their handicap shots.   They must declare before taking their tee shot if they are going to use some handicap allowance for that hole.  Players could use up to a maximum of two shots on any one hole.  The most popular tactic on Saturday was to save up their shots to the last few holes to make a storming finish and possibly win in a countback situation!

Ripke DeBoer won the day with 34 points.  Off a 21 handicap Ripke had a few shots to play with and used most to his advantage.  His plan on the 16th must have gone astray as he failed to score after using two shots! However Ripke did score well on the holes he played without handicap shots, hitting a 4 on the 6th and a 3 on the 11th and making 3 on the 14th for 3 points.

In second place Steve Buse didn’t have so many shots to play with, off his 3 handicap.  He chose to use 2 shots on the 14th which gave him 4 stableford points and his final shot on 17 to score 3 points.  Steve’s front 9 was strong and ensured his second place.

Keith Thompson was third scoring 32 points, he saved all his shots for the last 8 holes and made a back 9 score of 24 points!  He did also beat 4th and 5th places on countback so the tactic worked for Keith.

In fourth place, John Pease scored 32 points, he had a good round especially considering that he failed to score on two of the holes he used his shots on!  In fifth Nick Shelley used the popular tactic of saving shots to the end, but still only just equalled his front nine score.

The rest of the placed players returned 31 points, so in 6th place Andy Beare benefitted from using all his shots on the last 6 holes to beat off the others on countback.  Joe Tamblyn came 7th after using the majority of his shots on the last 8 holes.  Neil Bradley was 8th, Guy Hovil 9th and Josh Greenaway 10th.  Josh playing off a +1 handicap had to decide where to give a shot!   Josh scored just 1 stableford point for his 5 on the 1st.

In 11th place was Derek Rushton and 12th Nigel Goodman, both of whom opted to play the card as normal.   Whilst a little boring, they did both make it in to the prizes and probably had a much less stressful round not having to make any decisions!