St. Enodoc Golf Club - St Enodoc signs up to Women in Golf Charter

St Enodoc signs up to Women in Golf Charter

St Enodoc has been certified as an R&A Women in Golf signatory club in recognition of the Club's efforts to promote the Women's game and develop a more inclusive culture to help develop further the participation of Girls and Ladies in the wide variety of activities the Club offers.

The criteria that has been approved by the governing body is detailed below:


A commitment to a more inclusive culture within golf


Current Situation

How this will be achieved



Having a membership with equal access for men and women.

Our club currently has a category quota in place for all the main adult categories of membership. These are not based on gender (ie there is no limit on mix of numbers of men to women) but our current ratio is approximately 3:1 men to women.

There are no access issues, working men & ladies have options to play in organised competitions both mid-week and on weekends.

Continuing to offer all categories.

Continue to offer full non gender specific access to both courses whilst offering competitions to all.

Continuing to make peak times available to all.

Weekday and weekend competitions can be played from dawn til dusk and cards can be marked by any gender.

Continue with the structure.

Aim to have a new course rating for all tees by end 2023.

Have gender neutral (ability tees) in the future.


To be a SafeGolf accredited club and ensure policies and procedures remain up to date.

Our club currently

a) adopts the required club policies

b) has an appointed Club Welfare Officer

c) DBS checks are obtained for relevant Club Personnel

d) Club staff and volunteers have obtained any required qualifications

e) Our PGA Professionals are included on PGA SafeGolf Coaches Register

The Management Committee has approved all these policies and procedures.

All documentation is up to date on the England Golf Portal.

Keep a register of when key policies and documentation need to be updated. This is the responsibility of the General Manager.

We will appoint a female welfare officer in 2022 to work with our General Manager (current welfare officer)

Ensure key members of staff and volunteers have relevant training that’s required.


Provide on course toilet facilities for females.

11th Holywell and 10th Church have two unisex toilets available

We already provide these facilities.

We meet this criterion.


To achieve and maintain 30% female representation on our Captains Committee and encouraging ladies onto the Management Committee by actively promoting positions linked to appropriate role descriptions and skill sets that are not gender specific.

Our Captain’s Committee currently has a female representation of 57% (4/7) – Ladies’ Captain, Ladies’ Vice Captain plus 2 further lady members.

Our Management Committee has one female representative from 11 committee members and Trustees.

Our 2023 Club Captain will be female for first time in Club history.

We will continue with the Captain’s Committee structure to insure female representation in the golf and social aspect of the club.

We will encourage women with the right skills to stand for the Management Committee

Work with the England Golf Governance Guidelines to update the positions in line with the guidelines to ensure the future management of the business.

We already achieve a 57% female representation on the Captain’s Committee. We will continue to have at least a 30% female representation on this committee.

We will have at least two women on the Management Committee by the end of 2022, this will give us an 18% female representation.


Increasing visibility of female orientated imagery within club communication.

Our club currently uses social media feeds accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Current Twitter following 5k

Current Facebook following 3.1k

Currently we promote women’s imagery via these platforms by broadcasting achievements in the Ladies section.

This is achieved by using

our own developed imagery as well as England Golf’s generic imagery. We highlight current Lady member achievements with images alongside accompanying text on all media platforms.

Increase social media followers by 10% per year.

Ensure we continue with our current practice of photographing winners of competitions and team photographs from the Ladies Section.

As and when a major competition is won, we will have imagery around the clubhouse available for all to see.


Making peak times equally available to men and women.

Peak times are currently available to all members, irrespective of gender.

This will continue to be achieved by remaining with our current practice of offering peak times to all our members.

We meet this criterion.


Promoting volunteering opportunities for women and girls in our club.

Our club currently has a separate Ladies’ Committee which is purely voluntary and gender specific.

We will continue the running of the Ladies Committee by the Ladies section.

We will use a Players 1st Member Survey to generate momentum in the volunteering field from new female members.

We will offer work experience to female school leavers and/or a suitable apprentice scheme each year from 2023.

We will subscribe to the Players 1st Member Survey by end 2023.

We will offer volunteering opportunities to any female member showing an interest in this area and aim to encourage our membership to participate in voluntary work.


Staging male and female competitions on the same day.

Currently we have midweek and weekend competitions available for both male and female participation. Our membership is split between residents and holiday house and the majority of people playing in these competitions are residents. There is a handicap restriction of 24 for men and 28 for women. Our ratio of resident men to resident women eligible for these competitions is 87% men:13% women.

We will continue to run Wednesday Roll Ups and Sunday Stableford competitions for any gender.

In 2021 the gender ratio across these competitions was 96%men to 4% women.

Currently our resident membership percentage ratio eligible for these competitions is 86:14 men to women.

We will monitor gender participation in theses competitions and aim to achieve a 10% female participation by 2024.


Having designated champions/mentors within the club who can assist and support new participants and members.

We currently have a Ladies’ Committee who undertake this responsibility in an unofficial capacity. New members are contacted by committee members for a game of golf and then introduced to other lady members in and around the club.

We will continue with this mentoring system and encourage non-committee members to help with the mentoring of our newest members.

We will subscribe to the Players 1st software and use the New Member Survey platform to gain feedback from new female members to see how we can actively encourage new women members to the club.

We will subscribe to the Players 1st New Member Survey by end 2023.

We will analyse feedback from the Players 1st New Member Survey which will be given to new female members 6 months after they’ve joined or at the end of the summer in the year that they’ve joined. We will assess how they felt their integration into the club, and ladies section specifically, had gone. We will record these results to see if there are areas requiring improvement.

Currently our membership is frozen but once the lists are reopened, we will actively seek new female members using the information gathered from the survey.