St. Enodoc Golf Club - St Enodoc Seniors begin the season with a win

Friday 10th March

There are daffodils blossoming in the garden. Birds are celebrating the dawn and the onset of Spring. The Six Nations is coming to a conclusion so the dark days of Winter gales, inappropriately named after gentle girls, is hopefully behind us. Most significantly our Senior team has emerged from their hibernation blinking into the pale Spring light.

The course was looking inviting after its “haircut”. The rough was trimmed back; the bushes were removed; the greens were slick and true. So, Bowood Seniors strode to the first tee in joyous anticipation. However, after a promising beginning to the match the strength in depth of St Enodoc Seniors overcame the visitors and they ran out victors by Four and a half to Three and a half.

It was the weekend when Wales were playing Ireland. A victory for the Irish would mean that they could challenge England for the championship. There was much banter during the meal afterwards, but I am sure that Steve Smith and Paul Godfrey, hoping for a Welsh triumph, were singing “Hymns and Arias” on their way home.

  • Des Kelly (Captain of the Day) and Harry Gliddon won 2 up
  • Keith Willmott and Stuart Sandercock lost 1 down
  • Mike Maberly and Garry Cooper halved
  • Nigel Thomas John Westlake lost 3 and 2
  • Mike Lovett and Derek Daniels won 3 and 2
  • Steve Smith and Roger Priestley won 1 up
  • Keith Hawke and Wayne Mitchell won 4 and 2
  • Paul Godfrey and Richard Norsworthy lost 3 and 2