St. Enodoc Golf Club - St Enodoc Member wears the green jacket !

St Enodoc Member wears the green jacket !

Under the auspices of \"Garry Cooper Golf Tours\" a very select group of members from the Seniors’ Section, plus guests, recently travelled to Portugal to exercise their golfing talents on some of Europe\'s best courses. Pensions cannot be kept under the mattress all the time and the new vacuum cleaner/microwave/step-ladder/sewing machine will just have to wait !

Unfortunately one of the regular tour members, Mike Maberly, managed to put his back out by pinching a nerve. His replacement heroically stepped in at the last moment. There were questions asked about his generous handicap but these were overlooked given his willingness to be included in the Tour. However his golfing prowess on the first day rapidly diminished the tolerant attitude in which he was once viewed. He had made a gross error in winning the first day\'s competition and claiming the prestigious Green Jacket.

Dick Bentley wisely avoided the same mistake on successive days and re-established himself as a popular member of the group. With the Rugby World Cup about to start one or two players wondered if he was a doppelganger or if should have been commentating on the mysteries of the dark arts of scrum play at Twickenham !

Dick Bentley

Brian Moore