St. Enodoc Golf Club - St Enodoc Member to appear on US radio chat show

Our hard working Webmaster, Simon Paine, is now off on his hols to the USA where he will stay at Pinehurst in North Carolina. This is a golf mad area with dozens of excellent courses in a small area; there is thus a high local interest in all things golf. This is also reflected in a local radio chat show called appropriately enough "Tee Time" (whether or not our US cousins are aware of the pun is not known).

The programme is a chat show about golf that usually has about four taking part in the studio, many of whom are PGA members or closely involved with golf. It airs live on a Monday morning 9.00 EDT (1400 here) and repeated same time on a Saturday. It is on 990 AM radio but also it is live on the website . Click on LISTEN LIVE  top right hand corner of Home Page. A day or so after the event it is also available as a podcast there. By the time they are through the ads the broadcast usually starts about six minutes past the hour.

Simon was first asked on as a guest about 8 years ago and asked back the next time he was in Pinehurst, it then became quite regular after which Simon started to email his weekly thoughts to the participants. In recent years he has been on every Monday that he is in Pinehurst. A promotion to Chat Host on this visit is rumoured - listen out for it !