St. Enodoc Golf Club - St Enodoc CTC vs CLCGA

St Enodoc CTC team vs County Ladies match 22/10/17

J.Irwin & S.Welch W 4&3 vs Emily Toy & Danielle Price

D.Lupton & M.Westlake L 6&4 vs Wendy Briggs & Olivia Trewhela

C.Runnals & J.Combellack L 2&1vs Laura Andrew & Jan Harrison

L. Bradley W 1up vs Nikki Hodge & Emily Wilson

Irwin and Welch started well going 4 up through 5 however their opponents made a birdie on the 6th and the holes were closely contested until the end. 
Westlake was the first to report that his opponents had birdied 3 of the first 5 holes, which in the weather conditions was something rather special. Prior to the match Lupton showed signs of hesitation with the forecast, however played on the day and enjoyed the game.
Combellack and Runnals took it in turns to lose the 3 sleeves of balls Combellack won in the North Cornwall pairs. However amidst these antics some good golf was played and for a moment it looked as though they may come back strong.
Lewis Bradley was out last taking on two CLCGA players in foursomes. After the round he was a little miffed he didn’t make more pars but nay bother lad, you still delivered the goods.
Final score 2-2. There may be a rematch in the future to determine if St Enodocs CTC team can hold down the fort. 
Thank you Sue Roworth for organising and the Cornwall Ladies County Golf Association for being great sports