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St Enodoc and Social Media

You may have noticed that there are now new icons to go to our social media pages at the very top of the pages on the website. Over the last 2 years we have been making inroads into social media coverage in the interests of promoting the St Enodoc name. However very few Members access them so a few words of explanation are now worthwhile, all you need do is click on one of the links to reach them. Before going into detail it is worth pointing out that you are quite a liberty to read the social media pages without ever getting involved with being an active participant.

When we started the current website back in November 2011 all items that were posted on the Members Page automatically re-appeared, in abbreviated form, on both Twitter and Facebook linking back to the main website; it was quite successful as it resulted in about 700 visits a month to the website via that route.

Over the last 2 years we have been actively operating Twitter putting some of our own “Stop Press” material like match scores online quickly and we have also been re-tweeting items of both local and general golfing interest. As a result we now have over 2,600 followers who automatically receive our content on their Twitter page; surprisingly hardly any are St Enodoc members. All you have to do, having registered ,is click on “Follow” on our page (@stenodocgolf).

Whereas Twitter is for quick comments Facebook is much more people orientated, we also operate it putting additional items on there too, just recently we put up a whole bunch of photos of the South West Championships. We have over 500 “likes” - just the same as Twitter followers and we do see a few St Enodoc Members popping up there!

The final one that we use is Instagram which is pictures only and we try to put up a photo every morning most of which are Stuart Morley's excellent shots of the course along with some of Scott Gibson's aerial shots and even some of our old photos all of which go with a suitable caption. These pictures are also automatically syndicated to both Twitter and Facebook.

Do have a look by using the links on the website as there is no obligation or commitment and you might just find that the it is of use. Having registered it also enables you if you wish to be in touch with friends and family and other interests.