St. Enodoc Golf Club - Spring Quiz

A bit of Spring Cleaning of the website files has thrown up lots of old pictures of Members in the strangest of guises and places. It is also time that we had another quiz for readers which hopefully will be easier than the last one. We have trawled through our records to find the most uncompromising pics of Members that we have stashed away for just such purposes. All you have to do is identify who the unfortunate victims are. Most of them are pretty easy but there are one or two that will have you scratching your heads, there are 23 pictures in all with 3 of them having 2 faces to recognise so the maximum score is 26. Anyone half connected to this world (St Enodoc that is) should be able to score near 20, over that is very good bordering on genius.

The pictures are under Extras and the prize as usual will be a bottle of wine for the winner with an additional bottle of Champagne for the first all correct answer. So send your entries to the Webmaster at and good luck!