St. Enodoc Golf Club - Some not-so-young lambs have fun

Some not-so-young lambs have fun

On a bright and breezy Friday, 52 Lady Vets and Seniors set out for their annual Lamb Gambol on the Holywell course. Within minutes a nasty squall hit St Enodoc which left many wondering why they were there, but the rain passed and the wind fell back to a more normal force 5.

The team of Judy Redman, Carolyn Ramsbottom, Jayne Brenton and Gary Cooper made the most of the conditions and returned a very creditable score of 113 with 3 scores counting on each hole. They all went home with a Leg of Lamb as a result

At the other end of the scale Lamb was in short supply but not entirely absent. Anne Mayne, Janet Walton, Malcolm Cole and David Girling propped up the field and were rewarded with individual scrolls with the wording of a popular farmyard nursery rhyme ! Their first public performance went exceptionally well with a baa-baa here and a baa-baa there. Perhaps a change of pastime beckons?

Calamity was narrowly averted on the 6th hole when David, having putted out, turned to his playing partners and said, “Where are my clubs?” “Which one” asked Tony, “All of them!” said David. After an extensive search of the area a very large golf bag and trolley were found hiding in the undergrowth. It seems that the technology for self-driving trolleys has yet to be perfected.


Ladies’ 4th Hole Sue Walker

Ladies’ 16th Hole no winner

Gentlemen 5th Hole Derek Kingsbury

Gentlemen 18th Hole Paul Godfrey