St. Enodoc Golf Club - Shelter Box Charity Talk

The Club were delighted to welcome Tom Henderson O.B.E., the founder of Shelter Box, on 28th June to give us an insight into the workings of this disaster relief charity. Started by Tom in Helston in 2000 and very much part of the Rotary movement it has been seen providing its distinctive boxes of humanitarian aid in all the natural disasters round the world.

The boxes contain all that is necessary for the basics of life for those who have lost everything from the tents to cooking utensils and even toys for children. The thrust of the charity is the speed with which instant relief can be provided well in advance of the major charities and governments. One other critical factor is that the boxes are handed out to individuals hence avoiding the possibility of profiteering at the charity's expense. With its unique style it is therefore probably the most cost effective charity in its field.

Over the years the charity has grown and become more sophisticated in terms of the contents of the boxes, tailored to the area of the disaster, worldwide it has a network of people on call and also strategically placed stocks of filled boxes. Captain John Baxter presented a cheque to Tom Henderson representing the cost of a shelter box.