St. Enodoc Golf Club - Seniors vs Super Seniors

Seniors vs Super Seniors

Seniors Holywell Challenge

A month ago, Senior Senior David Balmford threw down the gauntlet to the Seniors for a match on the Holywell when the Church course was closed. (It was actually a rather smelly golf glove). Seniors Captain Steve Smith immediately accepted the challenge and a match was duly arranged. The format was to be four-ball better balls off full Holywell Seniors or 2/3 club handicap and was played on 2nd July. Six four-balls set off in sunshine with some jocularity; let battle commence!

In the first match, Steve and David Ramsbottom threw five gross birdies at David and Tyrrell Sandry who did well to only lose 3/2.

Dermott Studd and Kevin Lawton found Vice-captain Colin Earle a worthy solo opponent in the second match only winning 1 up.

Tom Lehan and George Phillips struggled against Stuart Sandercock and John Russell but also managed a 1 hole victory.

Formidable couple, Nigel Gallagher and Peter Meredith, cantered to a 4/3 triumph against Andy Farrant and Mike Maberly at No. 4.

John Harbinson and David Girling only lost 3/1 to Harry Gliddon and Roger Priestley, both of whom are regular Holywell competitors!

It was Frank Harper's and Ken Metcalfe's turn to run into a barrage from Derek Kingsbury and Bill Lugg in the final match, losing 5/4.

After some very fine sandwiches and cooling drinks, David presented wine to Nigel Gallagher and Roger Priestley for Nearest the Pins and to Dermott Studd and Captain Steve for Longest Drives. He then came up with a trophy which he said was part of an ancient bush dug out of his garden ten years ago – very hard yellow wood - but beautifully sandpapered. Revealing the article, David defined it as being a bent, miniature, left handed, two speed walking stick which could be used in emergency as a left or right handed putter, a hammer or a gavel. This amused both teams.

Another laugh and even some applause ensued when he said that the trophy on this and any future occasion was to be presented to the losing team in the hope that it would support and comfort them for the following year. David duly presented the bit of old wood to Steve. The game finished 4 - 2 in favour of the Senior Seniors.

Captain Steve graciously accepted the trophy and in thanking David for organising a very successful event he suggested that there was every chance of it becoming an annual match. He also coined a phrase that has already entered St Enodoc slang when he redefined the Senior Seniors as the Super Seniors!

T. Peg