St. Enodoc Golf Club - Seniors visit Trevose

On Friday 26th June, the Old Saints made the short journey to our golfing neighbours to complete the return match. The forecast was not favourable as a heavy mist descended over the North Cornwall coast and visibility contracted to an assumption of where the target might lie.

The match did not begin in the best of manner as the usually reliable Steve Smith carved his tee shot into the car park on the left of the first tee. There followed much discussion of exactly where the Out of Bounds began, and how far the ball had bounced off the caravan.

The course was in good condition and the new bunkering proved to be even more challenging than when Paul Godfrey had been nicknamed \"Abdullah\" after spending so much time in the sand a couple of years ago.

Keith Hawke, the Captain of the Day, had played his tee shot on the Par 5, 4th hole when the mist was swirling around and the only clue to the direction of the green was the sound of the surf crashing on to the beach at Booby\'s Bay. He turned to his playing companion and asked how far he might be to the green. The fellow consulted the contraption on his wrist and shouted back 230. Keith selected his club and hit his shot. He had only walked a few yards further to discover the 150 yard marker. Confused, Keith asked what the device said now. The shouted response was, ‘2:35 pm !’

The match was played in good spirit and eventually the weather cleared and most matches were completed in warmth and sunshine.

Eventually, Trevose squeezed a win 4½ - 3½ and some satisfaction following their heavy defeat in the first match.

Keith Hawke & Keith Willmott won 3 & 2
Steve Smith & Harry Gliddon lost 3 & 2
Richard Parsons & Geoff Matthews won 2 & 1
Kevin Birkett & Derek Daniels lost 1 down
Nigel Thomas & Jim Crouch lost 5 & 4
Mike Maberly & Derek Rushton won 5 & 4
John Westlake & Pat Bradbury halved
Bill Comyn & Ken Metcalfe lost 3 & 2

NTP: John Westlake

Old Hickory’s Trivia: There are two things to be learned by stopping the backswing at the top and checking the position of the hands: how many hands you have and which one is wearing the glove.

When hitting those nailed straight shots on the driving range it’s probably because you are not aiming at anything.