St. Enodoc Golf Club - Seniors visit Perranporth

Sometimes, this chronicler faces a serious challenge in attempting to paint Seniors’ match reports in a positive light and on this occasion he must turn to more accomplished word-smiths for inspiration.

P G Wodehouse wrote, ‘ Few things draw men together more surely than a mutual inability to master golf, coupled with an intense and ever increasing love of the game.’

After their visit to Perranporth on Thursday, 21 May, the Old Saints would certainly raise a glass or two in agreement with the first part of that sentence, whilst perhaps being rather tested by the second !

Then John Updike wrote, ‘The world conspires to flatter us, only golf trusts us with a cruelly honest report on ourselves.’

Thus, the cruelly honest report on this match is that after winning handsomely in the home game, our worthies were sunk hook, line and sinker by the Piranos by 7½ - ½ at Perranporth. It appears that in several cases, whilst not playing badly, their opponents must have exploited the home advantage, almost to a whitewash and Mike Maberly and Kevin Birkett were thanked warmly by COD Nigel Thomas for preventing it ! And that’s the positive bit !

  • Nigel Thomas & Peter Commings lost 5 & 4
  • Tony Mindel & Richard Parsons lost 1 down
  • Jim Crouch & Keith Willmott lost 1 down
  • Keith Hawke & Stuart Sandercock lost 4 & 3
  • Harry Gliddon & Steve Smith lost 3 & 2
  • John Harbinson & Ken Metcalfe lost 4 & 3
  • Les Spong & Derek Rushton lost 3 & 2
  • Mike Maberly & Kevin Birkett halved

NTP: Keith Hawke