St. Enodoc Golf Club - Seniors v Chinafleet Away Monday 10th June 2019

Seniors v Chinafleet Away Monday 10th June 2019

Some wag once said: “Britain has the best climate in the world, but the worst weather”. How that rang true at the Old Saints border skirmish on the banks of the Tamar. The rain it raineth, and raineth and raineth, the temperature more akin to November than “flaming June”. So much for the multi million pound meteorological computer forecasts ranging from heavy, but isolated, showers to light rain. The first match out shook hands on an honourable half as a periscope emerged from the waterlogged 14th green. To their credit, the creaking bones of the Old Saints carried on regardless and were rewarded with some tight finishes but……a crushing defeat. Obviously the home team, with their naval background, handled the water better. Oh, and there were hundreds of unfamiliar obstacles to overcome on the China Fleet course, mostly tall with solid bases and green stuff on top. Apparently they’re called trees. Congratulations to the Seniors Captain, Colin Earle, and his stalwart partner Derek Rushton, who secured the only win of the day. So a 6-2 defeat - the mirror result of the home match - on aggregate an 8-8 draw. Thanks to all the Old Saints team for sticking it out in (mostly) very good humour!

Andy Farrant & Simon Trevan - halved

Colin Earle & Derek Rushton - won 2 up

John Robinson & Bill Hughes - lost 4&3

Mike Lovett & Peter Chinnery - lost 3&1

Paul Godfrey & Kevin Birkett - halved

Nigel Oleson & Dave Oldham - lost 2&1

Steve Smith & Kevin Burton - lost 1 down

Nigel Thomas and Graham Kerr - lost 2&1

NTP - Steve Smith