St. Enodoc Golf Club - Seniors thrashed by China Fleet

Enigma, conundrum, puzzle – some things in life are rather mystifying and so it proved on Friday, 01 June when the Seniors entertained China Fleet.

In Seniors’ matches, the advantage usually lies with the home team and when playing on the Church Course especially, albeit in beautiful and favourable conditions, this is more often true. Thus, apart from the obvious explanation that the visitors must have played better golf than the hosts, the worthy old Saints have spent a sleepless night or two, challenging the old grey matter to answer this question - ‘How on earth did we manage to lose 8 – 0 in our own back yard ?!’ Speculation will no doubt rumble on over those extra glasses of Sanatogen and perhaps the records may reveal if this has ever happened before. We were victorious however, in winning our own wine for  ‘nearest the pin ’ on the 15th !!

  • Godfrey P and Thomas    lost 3 & 2
  • Elliott and MIndel         lost 3 & 1
  • Gliddon and Oldham         lost 3 & 2
  • Leivers and Metcalfe        lost 3 & 2
  • Harbinson and Rushton    lost 5 & 4
  • Matthews and Mattinson    lost 3 & 2
  • Commings and Sandercock    lost 6 & 5
  • Comyn and Willmott        lost 2 & 1

        NTP – John  Harbinson