St. Enodoc Golf Club - Seniors play the Nicklaus course

Seniors play the Nicklaus course

Monday 11th April

It was the day after the Masters and our gallant Senior team travelled to the surprisingly apt location of St Mellion and the Nicklaus (winner of six Masters) Course. According to Captain Mike Maberly’s instructions the members of the team had prepared for an early night and a good night’s sleep. Having taken a light supper, wrapped in their bathrobes, and embracing a hot cocoa, they settled for a modest viewing of a few holes of the Masters on television. On the point of retiring confident in the inevitable victory of Jordan Spieth with his five shot lead approaching the back nine holes, they were aghast at the young man’s inability to hit the short Par 3 twelfth hole.

The unfolding drama gripped the viewers who were unable to tear themselves away from the television until the conclusion of events in the early hours of the morning, and the triumph of Danny Willett. So bleary eyed, and sleep denied, they avoided the disapproving gaze of their Captain as they assembled for the match.

The day was bright, notably windless, and inviting for a fine day’s golf. In one of the leading matches, John Bower arrived at the 11th Hole. It is regarded as a signature hole and resembled the Twelfth at Augusta. It is a par 3 with water protecting the front of the green. Repairs to the front tee had resulted in the Seniors playing from the back tee, some 30 yards further back than the one Jordan had to face. Undisturbed by the challenge John Bower confidently chose his club and sent his shot sailing high into the air and landing gently some ten feet left of the pin. He rolled the putt up to the hole and claimed a win. This proved to be a turning point in his match and culminated in a victory. Young Jordan is probably still reflecting on that shot that found the water. If only he had the focus and confidence of a John Bower, who went on to claim Nearest the pin. His reward was a bottle of wine. We suspect that Mr Spieth might have won a little more in prizes, but we know who was happier leaving the course.

  • Mike Maberly & Kevin Birkett lost 3&2
  • John Bower & Nigel Thomas won 2&1
  • John Radford & Roger Priestley won 3&1
  • Des Kelly & Ken Metcalfe won 3&2
  • Geoff Matthews & David Ramsbottom lost 3&2
  • Keith Hawke & John Westlake halved
  • Paul Godfrey & Stuart Sandercock won 3 & 1
  • Nigel Oleson & Bill Hughes lost 4 & 2

St Enodoc 4½ St Mellion’s 3½.

NTP: John Bower

The return match is on Monday 25th April.