St. Enodoc Golf Club - Seniors Perk up !

The demeanour of the Seniors was very different after their recent match when compared with the heavy gloom following their thumping at St Mellion a week before. Indeed a peek into the dining room during the after-match munching would have revealed a sense of buoyancy as the old boys quaffed their celebratory tipple and meandered through the gourmet offerings from the kitchen. Now occupying the psychological high-ground, the banter and wit flowed more easily whilst being both magnanimous and generous, as befits the Old Saints ! In short, this jauntiness, this cheerful feeling that all was well in the senior world was the consequence of defeating Tehidy Park 6 - 2 on Friday, 24 April, a win which included some hefty, individual victories.

COD Kevin Birkett (Captain of the day - only a three-pip rank several increments below the gold braid of Seniors’ Captain, or should that be Brigadier ?) must have driven home a contented man after his debut.

  • Kevin Birkett & Harry Gliddon won 1 up
  • ?Keith Hawke & Mike Kent won 6 & 5
  • ?Paul Godfrey & Geoff Matthews lost 2 down
  • Richard Parsons & Dick Leivers won 3 & 2
  • Bill Comyn & Roger Priestley lost 2 & 1
  • ?Nigel Thomas & Colin Earle won 7 & 5
  • Mike Maberly & Jim Crouch won 4 & 2?
  • Garry Cooper & John Bower won 4 & 3

NTP: Harry (Arrow Straight) Gliddon