St. Enodoc Golf Club - Seniors News for December 2011

There is little activity to report on this month which was probably caused by a combination of the usual, seasonal, festive celebrations and some lousy weather.  Be that as it may, we got off to a good start with the Duck Dawdle, which with sixty-four competitors was much the best in many ways so far. On a commendably high-scoring day, it was won with 43 points by Sue Foster and Mike Jarvis – the latter is already in danger of becoming known as Bateman’s ‘Treasurer Who Couldn’t Count’ and will also doubtless be advised soon that it is considered bad form for Committee members to win too many competitions. 
The Church Stableford was played under dreadful conditions by eight hardies who knew that they had made a bad decision after only three holes.  It was won with 27 points by Keith Willmott on count-back from Geoff Matthews, the remaining six being content with virtual rosettes for just taking part.
On the Holywell the Stableford was postponed until 2012 (watch this space for the results), but the Eclectic is now led after two rounds by Tyrell Sandry with Roy Darnell in second place and David Shapland (the dark horse?) in third.
It remains only for me to wish my reader a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year and to look forward to the pleasure of ‘penning’ reports of more Seniors’ derring-do in 2012.