St. Enodoc Golf Club - Seniors New Year Qualifier

On Monday 07 January, a pale and shy sun tempted no fewer than 28 seniors onto the Church Course for the first qualifier of 2013 – surely an indication of the healthy state of the section. The same sun confused some of the old boys because one or two colourful, old sweaters also appeared. In some cases – probably gifts from mother-in-law 15 years previously – the designer had carefully chosen a blend of patterns already 15 years out of date and woven with the finest synthetic materials then known to man.

As befits a senior section, the draw for playing partners and start times was inevitably made with a hitch or two. As usual, playing cards were used, but when completed, it was discovered that for some unknown reason, there were five aces in the pack ! The unfortunate victim of such malevolent, underhand practice was a past seniors’ captain known for his ready, sunny smile. When he discovered that he had to drop from first to seventh in the line-up, the smile seemed rather weary as it struggled through gritted teeth. His group did finish before darkness fell, although he did ask for all the clubhouse lights to be switched on before putting on the 18th.

It was a joy to play without the familiar rain, though lying water in places on the course was a reminder of earlier deluges. One witty wrinkly was heard to claim that a confused seal had swallowed his ball in the pond (aka casual water) on the 12th when everybody knew that it was knee-deep in the rough !
As for the golf, whilst some younger seniors made their presence felt, it was also clear that one or two of the more senior seniors can till play more than a bit !

1st    Malcolm Mullis    38 pts
2nd    Frank Harper     36 pts
3rd    John Bower        34 pts
4th    Derek Rushton    32 pts