St. Enodoc Golf Club - Seniors Matchplay KO Final

Tuesday afternoon, 11th September, was a perfect time for playing golf. The course was being enjoyed by many players, members and visitors alike, when two combatants, both pillars of the Senior Section and the Club, took to the first tee. One was our esteemed ex-medical practitioner and Club vice-Captain, David Elliott, the other a retired director of photography from the entertainment industry, the eloquent Paul Godfrey.

The game swung gently along with no more than a hole either way, players in front stepping graciously aside to let the two gladiators through. At the 15th the DOP was 2 down, and after taking his tee shot felt a gentle breeze in the rear of his anatomy when, on feeling behind him, found a huge rip in the seat of his cacks!! The course ranger suggested wrapping a towel around to hide any embarrassment, but there was none available. Then came the dreaded 16th and we all know how much this hole is loved ! Well, for the third time in a row the DOP managed a par, much to both warriors’ surprise. The score was now only 1 up to the good doctor. The 17th was halved, so it was all to play for down the 18th. On the green, the DOP had to sink his putt to win the hole and take the match down the first again, but he shaved the cup and the doctor matched the putt for a half, so was victorious.

Thus, the winner of the Frank Harper Trophy 2014 - David Elliott - was decided after a great game that went down to the last putt on the 18th.