St. Enodoc Golf Club - Seniors & Lady Vets Lambs Gambol on the Holywell

The annual Lamb\'s Gambol, which has become such a favourite, was played on the Holywell on Friday 3rd of May to great acclaim. On a dry day, with the ball running truly and fun in the air, the course yielded some very impressive scores and Sue Walker and Derek Rushton are to be congratulated on a very fine 51 points.

We\'ll have to jolly the men along next year as there were three more Lady Vets than Seniors wanting to play. I can\'t remember which of these ladies said that she had competed as a man; she was immediately asked if she played off 7/8 of her handicap or 2/3! No reply was recorded.

I can only report for my own four-ball that we had lots of fun most of it provided by the evergreen Henry Irons. He was heard to remark at about the twelfth that he thought his partner should submit to a drugs test before SHE handed in THEIR card. Carole did indeed play out of her socks hitting the ball far and true.

Seniors Captain Peter Commins addressed the assembly before dinner thanking all those who had contributed so much to the day. After dinner the prizes, which were all lamb related except for two Mars Baahs, were presented with many kisses and hand shakes by Captains Peter and Janet who were seen at one stage to kiss each other! (Tony was lucky to escape). The prizes were beautifully prepared and displayed by Tony and Di Mindel. Peter also thanked the Staff who were hesitant in being made to take a bow but who had prepared and served such a good meal.

1st Sue Walker and Derek Rushton 51 pts

2nd Helen Russell and Tyrrell Sandry 50 pts

3rd Anne Irons and Nigel Thomas 46 pts

4th Margaret Godwin and Bobbie Rounsevell 46 pts

5th Carole Carter and Henry Irons 46 pts

6th Barbara Robson and Bill Comyn 45 pts

7th Janet Walton and Peter Commings 45 pts

8th Hester Burt and Frank Harper 44 pts

9th Annabell Woolcott and Harry Gliddon 43 pts

10th Brenda Sandry and John Russell 43 pts

Nearest the pin. Ladies - Carole Carter. Gentlemen - Nigel Thomas.