St. Enodoc Golf Club - Seniors host Saunton

Seniors host Saunton

Monday 8th July was such a perfect day.

The Seniors welcomed our old adversaries for the return match having lost 5 to 3 on an equally sunny and blissfully calm day on the north coast of Devon. Our team assembled in their white shirts untrammelled by the need for any cumbersome woollies. The fair ways stretched out before them with those inviting undulations bathed in the golden light of a Cornish early summer. In the distance the estuary had that deep turquoise blue only punctuated by the red sails of occasional shrimpers drifting casually in the breeze.

The early matches were closely fought but our Captain of the Day Richard Norsworthy was looking confident as he gazed down from the balcony on the 18th green. It was 4 to 1, and then a couple of losses altered his mood. Thankfully Kevin Preater and John Robinson won the final game to give St Enodoc a 5 to 3 victory.

It eventually emerged that the result hung on a decision on the 18th green. With both pairs having arrived there level, our opponents thought that a fair outcome would be a half. This sporting and generous offer was considered very carefully by our pair, but with Ken Metcalf sinking every putt during the round they took their chance on a win. However, they lost 1 down. And the result of the whole match culminated in the match finishing 8 all.

The Saunton Captain praised the Club’s hospitality, Stuart Bradley’s golfing prowess, and handed over the Bugle for our home win, only for him to snatch it back as they had retained this trophy through remaining undefeated.

Kevin Birkett won the nearest the pin prize which was a modest compensation for his competitive and brave but ultimately questionable decision.

Richard Norsworthy and Nigel Thomas won 2 and 1

Richard Parsons and Graham Keeble lost 1 down

Stuart Bradley and Kevin Burton won 4 and 3

Derek Rushton and Roger Priestley won 5 and 3

Mike Lovett and Nigel Oleson won 3 and 2

Stuart Sandercock and Pat Bradbury lost 4 and 3

Kevin Birkett and Ken Metcalf lost 1 down

Kevin Preater and John Robinson won 5 and 3.