St. Enodoc Golf Club - Seniors ease past Perranporth

On Monday 13 May, the Seniors entertained Perranporth Piranos. This may seem an unusual name for a group of seniors and one which sends those with more enquiring minds scurrying to the book shelf only to discover that it derives from the celebrated St Piran. Of course, our club is not without such historical associations and has no wish to be outdone by local rivals. St Enodoch was a worthy Welsh saint (which should please some of those with connections with the land of song) who according to some researchers, may have been a woman called Qenydd ! Now re-naming our Seniors as a bunch of Gwyneths may not go down too well, but perhaps they could make a case to be allowed to play from the red tees in matches !

Oh yes …. The match ! An occasion once again dominated by the wind which meant that no visiting Pirano was able to stay on the 5th green and win the wine for nearest the pin. Fortunately, records do not reveal how many of the home team managed it either ! In the end, our Saints managed to win 5½ - 2½ with David Elliott winning the home wine on the 15th.

It should be mentioned that Captain of the day, Nigel Thomas, set a new standard for the post-prandial speech with an eloquent, learned and very amusing offering which sent the old chaps away with a smile and a determination to try and remember at least one of his jokes !

  • Thomas & Bower        won 5 & 3
  • Mindel & Maberly        won 5 & 3
  • Elliott & Gliddon        won 2 up
  • Crouch & Commings        lost 3 & 2
  • Godfrey P & Harbinson    won 2 up
  • Russell & Matthews        lost 1 down
  • Barber & Godfrey K        halved
  • Knight & Mullis        won 1 up