St. Enodoc Golf Club - Seniors draw away at St Mellion

The result of the Seniors’ fixture at St Mellion on Monday, 15 April was a 4 – 4 draw with the majority of the matches being fairly close run affairs. An exception was one result of 9 & 8. The victors here were Kenton W, playing off 8 and Derek R, playing off a handicap to which his good friends have been known to attach the word ‘charitable’ – nevertheless, a potent pairing and a cracking result !

The Nicklaus course is a long and demanding walk, so there was general amusement at the ‘plight’ of two softies, Nigel T and Harry G, when their buggy broke down. Until the golfing equivalent of the AA (no, the Automobile Association and not the other one) came out with a replacement, the poor souls had to walk (!) whilst their opponents’ buggy was loaded with four bags – a mark of unnecessary generosity thought those accustomed to enjoying the banana-skin misfortunes of others !

It is worth acknowledging, that St Enodoc is paid the compliment of being the only visiting club on the St Mellion seniors’ fixture list to play their match on the Nicklaus course – a gesture which is much appreciated.

  • Maberly & Godfrey        won 4 & 3
  • Gliddon & Thomas        lost 3 & 1
  • Williams & Rushton        won 9 & 8
  • Commings & Mindel        won 2 & 1
  • Sandercock & Harbinson    lost 3 & 2
  • Metcalfe & Matthews        lost 4 & 3
  • Elliott & Leivers        won 2 & 1
  • Willmott & Comyn        lost 1 down