St. Enodoc Golf Club - Seniors away to Tehidy GC

Seniors away to Tehidy GC

The journey to Cambourne - and beyond - proved irritatingly prolonged owing to an excess of traffic. There were long delays as queues of cars struggled to manoeuvre along the congested roads. However, the team assembled at the Tehidy clubhouse in good time and gazed wistfully at the lush fairways and the majestic trees in full leaf.

As I am writing, a certain Steve Smith is nearing a double century in the test match. There is a grudging respect for this Australian cricketeer in his determined domination of the England attack. His concussion prevented his taking part in the last test. No doubt, he has been warmly welcomed back into the changing room with excited anticipation. Which brings us to our Steve Smith. As far as we know his excursion to Scotland had nothing to do with blows to the head. His absence had been noted by the members and he arrived at Tehidy as Captain of the Day. He welcomed each member of the team with a glowing warmth and then went on with his partner Paul Godfrey to register a comfortable victory in the first pairing.

Sadly, the next five pairs did not manage the same result. The 7th pair of Peter Chinnery and Stuart Bradley managed a 1 up triumph which is impressive because they had to give 23 shots to the opposition. The final pair of Roger Priestley and John Westlake salvaged a half which was significant because, although we lost the day, we won the overall result by a point.

Nearest the Pin: Stuart Bradley

Steve Smith and Paul Godfrey won 4 and 2

Kevin Burton and David Balmford lost 5 and 4

Keith Hawke and Colin Earle lost 2 and 1

Nigel Thomas and Mike Lovett lost 4 and 2

John Robinson and Bill Hughes lost 6 and 5

Neal Jolly and Peter Buchanan lost 4 and 3

Peter Chinnery and Stuart Bradley won 1 up

Roger Priestley and John Westlake halved