St. Enodoc Golf Club - Seniors Away To Chinafleet

Monday 11th June

Our home match against China Fleet was a rare defeat for us this season. So, our journey to a parkland course filled with ever growing and expanding trees was not consumed with an air of confidence. There was a relaxed atmosphere during the pre-match coffees. Captain of the Day Paul Godfrey was perhaps dismayed by England’s defeat at cricket by Scotland, (yes Scotland!) or more probably England rugby surrendering a significant lead to South Africa. So, there was a notable lack of Churchillian exultations, or Henry V battle metaphors. It was just a casual stroll to the first tee and off he went.

The day was warm, and the fairways were firm and running making those trees press ever closer. The matches were remarkably close fought with just the one exception which we will pass over. The outcome was probably decided on the 18th tee of the first match. Our opening pair were offered a half but they “stiffened up their sinews, summoned their blood, setting their teeth and stretching their nostrils wide,” they refused the offer and won their match on the 18th. This resulted in a 5 to 3 win and halving the whole match for home and away.

Paul, in his Captain’s remarks, praised the condition of the course, and thanked our hosts for their hospitality, but there was a satisfied smile playing about his features!

Paul Godfrey and Kevin Birkett won 1 up

Colin Earle and Keith Hawke won 2&1

Nigel Thomas and Steve Smith won 2&1

Mike Lovett and Kevin Burton halved

Richard Parsons and Kenton Williams lost 6&5

Graham Keeble and Andy Farrant won 2&1

Nigel Olesen and Ken Metcalf lost 2&1

Bill Hughes and John Arnold halved

St Enodoc won 5 & 3

Nearest the pin on the 15th: Mike Lovett

Match report courtesy of Nigel Thomas.